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When it comes to being disabled - there are
two kinds of people in the world...

Person #1?
 The "My life is over guy" otherwise considered, "the whiner"  - Yes, he's  disabled (of course this could be a "she" too) and he wants everyone to know JUST how much he hurts, how hard it is, how his life has been "ruined", how no one really understands his situation, and how he can't catch a break at getting a job, a girlfriend, a wife, or even a bus! And on and on it goes...

Person #2?
 The "Action Taker" - Yes, he too is disabled, perhaps very severely - he's not crazy about that fact, but he's decided to take action in life and in all that surrounds him.  He'll probably never skydive or become a Navy SEAL...but he recognizes that there are still hundreds, even thousands of things he can do and enjoy; including make a great living, and even start a family.  He's decided to "Live Large" in spite of his disability.  He's chosen to get some training if needed, spend some money on self education, and move forward with a vengeance!!

So that begs the proverbial question...

  • Which one are you? and...

  • Which one do you want to become?

>> (By the way...if you're person #1, the whiner, you CAN Change - we'll show you how!)

If you're disabled or you know
someone who's handicapped
(family, friend, spouse)

 This material will make a huge difference in your life...


Because, Even When You're Disabled...
Life is Worth Living AND it's Worth

Living LARGE!

Our web site, materials, and audios are committed to helping you, your friend and your family member do just that!...Get past the excuses, the rationalizations, and the procrastination...

For Instance, In Our Living Large Audio Series we  give practical answers on these topics and more...

   Can a handicap be conquered? Or are you doomed to live a pitiful and depressing existence?

 Is it possible to fall in love with a disabled person and make it work out?  How?  What do you need to know?

 How to overcome past criticisms that keep you from conquering your handicap and REALLY living life!

 Why identifying and tightening your worldview (fancy term) will improve your ability to live successfully, in spite of your disability. 

 What does success really mean and which tools can help you get there?

 And so much more...

Mark is a no-holds barred kind of guy.  That fits him because he's an ex-wrestler who broke his neck during a college wrestling match.  He has lived on crutches for over 35 years and has a lot to say about success through perseverance.  His life is not perfect but he has chosen to conquer life and live out his dreams and he loves helping others to do the same.  - Tim

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