Disabled College Wrestler Shares His Discovery that Helps Others Live Life
with More Enthusiasm, and Conquer Personal Fears

A severely disabled former college wrestler, turned college professor, explains his journey in a newly published 4 part audio series (with accompanying transcripts) of how it is possible to Live Large in Life in spite of being disabled.

Bakersfield, CA (PRWEB) "The world is brimming with people with various disabilities who, too often, waste their days thinking they have nothing to offer," states Mark Whyte, co-author of a new "Living Large in Spite of a Disability" audio series recently released. He should know. He's a quadriplegic, following a college wrestling accident and his co-author wife, Katie, is a Registered Nurse and Masters level Speech/Language Pathologist, who specializes in working with disabled teenagers.

"Honestly, I find it heartbreaking that so many people who have a lot of energy and ideas to offer society, struggle to find that opportunity after becoming disabled," the author states. He continues, "Few times in history have there been so many opportunities to contribute, develop a career, and be a genuine part of society than at this very time. As an example, the internet brings vast opportunities for home business, and of course, there are still on-going job skill training programs available at both the governmental and non-profit levels, allowing those who want to work even if they are very severely disabled to do so."

The issue is less the opportunity to contribute as much as believing that you have something to contribute. Whyte points out that, "Whether you have been disabled from birth, or were injured later in life, being disabled has a way of stripping your dignity and with that, your self confidence and when self confidence begins to fade, the spiral downward toward self pity and even depression can happen quickly."

This audio portrays both compassion, and humor and gives a clear direction for listeners to challenge themselves to excel at their dreams. An added emphasis is placed on raising a child who is disabled. The authors also have a 19 year old son with autism. The audio is also designed for those who function as caregivers. The caregiver plays a vital role in assisting the disabled. As such, the caregiver requires fresh vision, encouragement and strength in order to help their friend or family member live as large as possible.

The Living Large Audio series is a down to earth, straight shooting discussion about what works, what doesn't and the implications of not trying. More than that, it is a shot in the arm for those who simply need a little push to get started.

About the authors:
Mark Whyte broke his neck at cervical 6-7 as a college wrestler in 1977 and uses crutches to walk. He's is an adjunct professor in the distance learning departments at two colleges, and a husband and father of three. Katie is a speech pathologist, nurse, mom and "the neck that turns the head." Together they run Justadisability.com a site dedicated to helping the disabled to live large in spite of their disability.

Contact for interviews or information:
Mark and Katie Whyte
Tele. 661.835.8215