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"Living Large in spite of a Disability"
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Living Large in spite of a Disability" audio book package:

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  •  Can a handicap be conquered? Or are you doomed to live a pitiful and depressing existence?
  •  Is it possible to fall in love as a disabled person or with one and make it work out?  How?  What do you need to know?
  •  How to overcome past obstacles that keep you from conquering your handicap and REALLY living life!
  •  Can you maintain both your sanity and your marriage under the extreme fatigue and pressures of raising a handicapped child?
  •  What things do you need to consider BEFORE you start a family?
  •  Where does the strength come from to get up yet another day, and start again?
  •  How can you as a caretaker/friend or spouse be a genuine help to a disabled person, without stripping them of their dignity?
  •  Where does the grieving process fit in the midst of a disability?  How do you keep that grief from becoming depression?
  •   What do you say to those people in the middle of a "grocery store" who say condescending things- they may mean well - but don't really understand the situation? 
  •  and a lot more...

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